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Working Process

working process

Each job goes through 6-steps:

  •  Measure the area of ​​the house or land with condition test

  •  Space design

  •  Contractor procurement

  •  Quality control

  •  Planning, budgeting and periodic reporting

1. The staff will enquire about the your requirements and take measurements (about 1 day).

You can request our services through email, LINE or fill up the form on the Contact Us page. Do try and specify the following information to get a faster response:

    1) Name

    2) Contact Number

    3) Site Location

    4) Budget

    5) Project Details


Our staff will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a site visit*


*Fee for site visit: 1,000 thb / site (Will be returned if customer chooses DaddyReno to complete the job)


After site visit is completed, the you will receive the following:

- Home layout (hand writing & drawing)

- Home inspection result

- Estimated cost of construction or work (within 7 working days)

2. After you receive the estimated price, check the list of deliverables thoroughly, and then inform our staff to prepare the contract. Deposit 5% of the construction price for design fee or 40% of the construction cost for the first installment (for construction project).

3. Within 3 business days after payment, you will receive detailed construction plans from your project coordinator.

4. The team starts working according to the schedule, divided into multiple stages.

5. You must make payment within 3 days after receiving a summary of each stage from your project coordinator. Otherwise, there may be a fine.

6. When the team has completed the tasks, your project coordinator will invite you for final inspection and approval.  




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